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Algorithms are everywhere

An interesting TED talk on the increasing prevalence of algorithms in our lives, with examples mostly drawn from the financial markets.

Watching it, I noticed a couple of things he got wrong. For most TED talks, I know nothing about the subject. I assume the relevant experts have issues with most of the talks. Anyway, interesting and accessible stuff, regardless of my quibbles:

  1. The Spread line was built to shave 3 milliseconds off the previous faster paths, not 3 microseconds. That is a difference of 2,997 microseconds.
  2. The expensive real estate he describes in Frankfurt and NYC isn’t for getting close to the internet; it is to get closer to the matching engines. Speed sensitive finance traffic never touches the internet, it is all on dedicated lines such as Spread.


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Multicast Send Performance

We recently completed an analysis of multicast sending performance.  Happily, Java and C performed almost identically as we tested different traffic sending rates on Windows and Solaris. 

However, we noticed that the time to send a multicast message increases as the time between sends increases.  The more frequently we call send, the less time it takes to complete the send call. 

The application lets us control the amount of time we wait between calling send, below you see the time increasing as the delay between packets goes up.  When sending 1000 packets/second (1 ms wait time), it only takes 13 microseconds to call send.  At 1 packet/second (1000 ms wait time), that time increases to 20 microseconds. 

Wait time (ms)                      us to send

0                                                  8.67   
1                                                  12.97  
10                                               13.06  
100                                            18.03  
1000                                         20.82
10000                                      57.20  

We see this phenomenon from both Java and C and on both Windows and Solaris.  We’re testing on a Dell 1950 server, with an Intel Pro 1000 dual port network card.  Micro-benchmarking is hard, especially in Java, but we don’t think this is related to JITing or GC.

The java code is here, I’ve been running it with a command line like:

java -XX:+PrintCompilation -verbose:gc MulticastSender 30000 0 100

Trading Software

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