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Best software startup information - Week 14

Ted Graham General
  1. We're having performance and mail server problems with our shared hosting plan from UltimaHosts, so this discussion of mail problems on shared servers was very interesting.  Our problems are with performance, rather than being blacklisted, but the consensus of not doing real work on shared hosting is compelling.
  2. A forum regular recently distributed his software on GiveAwayOfTheDay, this discussion about why is very interesting.  He later posted his experiences, looks like he got a huge increase in users.  Another regular describes his experience on Bits du Jour, a similar site that sells software at a discount, rather than giving it away.
  3. Thanks to Ian Lurie for making his book on Internet Marketing freely available.  The initial reviews noticed a few typos, but the writing and the content are getting raves.
  4. For those ISVs looking to get noticed in the press, I found this article quite informative. It is slanted towards more expensive software, and the discussion of fedexing CDs shows its age, but it is a great place to start.