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Best software startup information - Week 13

Ted Graham General
  1. Thinking about getting business cards printed?  Once you have a nice logo, check out these opinions about where to get your cards. VistaPrint gets slammed.   When ordering, it is a good idea to have the back matte, as many people like to make a few notes on a card about what was discussed.
  2. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, many successful founders believe that one-person ISVs are much less likely to succeed than multi-person companies.  Several micro-ISV founders disagree with that premise.  One pointed out an old strategy letter discussing two types of businesses and how they act differently.  I found this interesting.  Our business has few competitors and strong lock-in, so the advice would be to use the get-big-fast model. 
  3. Most small ISVs don't have enough support calls to justify subscribing to WebEx for the occasional customer troubleshooting.  CoPilot was designed to tap this market.  CrossLoop is a new competitor in this market, they are in Beta and currently free.
  4. I've been using IrfanView for years now, and I really like it.  It is a freeware image viewer that handles every file type I've ever needed. It is fast, and supports batch operations on images.  I like using it to embed my comments about photos inside the picture (through the comments), so I don't end up locked in to a single photo management tool.